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  1. I would also use pNotify for the iGrowl-like messages for my play pages. I love Bootstrap and Javascript.
  2. Why does the Discord name use a possessive apostrophe? It irks me.

    1. Codey


      thought you quit?

  4. I'm trying to replicate a similar game that was on Rile5 where the person who reaches the 1000th post would win the forum game. I think that's how it goes, and it seemed fun. I'll start. 1 for T-Mac
  5. Can you stop complaining for once? Every time I see you in a forum it is just you complaining or exposing another user! At least he is contributing to the forums, I can tell you that, but it also in my opinion outweighs the judgment of one's program. He is improving the quality of the forums by releasing code that might be useful to several individuals like you, since you downloaded it in the first place. You, on the other hand, just negatively reveal one's post and do nothing else. Try releasing your own content, like your custom Python source that CPR is using. Zaseth, I congratulate you for releasing this piece of work. Although you did not give credit to the original owner (you'll get consequences later on for plagiarism in school and work, so I suggest you to get in the habit of it), you did contribute to the community in my opinion. Thanks for the script.
  6. How old is PHP 3.7! It would've been so useful during 2011, I can tell you that. EDIT: PHP 5.4 was the latest version in 2011. God, how the fuck is this useful at all!
  7. But then I wouldn't have this avatar! Just stop whining Codey my god!
  8. Is there a reason why you don't like xenForo? I always thought it looked nice when I used nullified versions. Haven't heard of flaskBB though, might take a look at it!
  9. I'm here to create™

  10. I'm Lake. Used to be an avid Club Penguin member ever since I joined it at 2007-08, and now I just roam around the community. I was one of the earliest members during the Rile5 forums, and I would eventually become a CPPSHQ author. First CPPS was iCPv3 at 2010, and it has changed my life ever since then, even more so than my creation of CP trainers during '09. Over the years I've comprehended the PHP, Actionscript, and Java language the most, as PHP and AS are mostly used in forming a Club Penguin server, and Java was used in Minecraft and my later developments in CPPSes and computer science. I've touched up on a few languages such as Perl from working with Lynx to Python, but I'll admit that I never fully comprehended the language. I am also a proud Houstonian who supports all the local sports teams, ranging from the Astros to the Rockets, and even the Texans, and I've suffered through all the shit years. Hoping for a championship as the future is bright for the three teams. I also share the same birthday as Codey. It's too late now but oh well. I don't know what else to say, but I updated my 'About Me' section that contains slightly more information on my career and journey that lead me to here. Thanks for reading.
  11. What's wrong with nickrobat? I'm genuinely curious as I worked for him before.
  12. Seems like all these objectives add up to one common goal in halting the exploitation of the login system. You can stop such an instance from occurring by server-side as Thorn had said, as it is much simpler for the developer and the user. Adding a CAPTCHA to it just complicates the developer and the user in my opinion.
  13. Hey man, you've gone way too far by calling Codey a smart individual. I mean, this is a person who used Kitsune for CPR and received the consequences for doing so, instead of intellectually creating his own source code. All jokes aside, I'll have to support Club Penguin Rewritten. The two are great individuals in managing the game itself to entertain its audience appropriately.
  14. Club Penguin Rewritten!