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  1. Hello Person, Thanks for joining Solero. In response to your question, there is a column in the database called "Moderator", you can set this to 1 for your player in the database using PHPMyAdmin in order to mod yourself in the game. I would like to suggest you join your Discord server, however, since the tutorial you followed is now outdated. On our Discord server you can get help setting up Houdini, we have detailed a text tutorial for Ubuntu and we're working on more.
  2. Welcome to Solero! Please feel free to join our discord community. If you haven't already.
  3. Hi Andrey, welcome to Solero. If you want to write your own game server for a CPPS, then it is worth reading up about what a socket server actually is, you clearly already have some idea about what the task is that you are undertaking! A CPPS game server is basically a socket server that responds to two different types of packets, XML (or login) packets, and XT (or game/world) packets. There are a few other things which are really essential if you wish to write a game server for a CPPS: Full understanding of the Club Penguin Protocol. You can learn this by either reading the action script code hidden inside the Club Penguin client files (this involves downloading a media server and opening files up in JPEX decompiler), or, by looking at other, already built source codes and seeing how they work (this is how most people learn). In-depth knowledge of how to write code in a programming language of your choice. Any programming language will probably do just fine, I recommend a higher-level interpreted language (and perhaps one that supports parallel programming?) since it sounds like you might be a beginner. Don't choose a language because someone told you it's faster, choose one you're good at, and stick with it. Knowledge of some kind of database software, since your game server is going to have to store data about users somewhere. You do not have to use MySQL, there are actually tons of other great database servers out there, however MySQL is a popular choice thanks to its good support for small sized databases and documentation scattered around the web, not to mention the numerous libraries & ORMs compatible with MySQL & SQL in general. So to answer your questions tl;dr mode Yes, learning about socket servers, specifically TCP, is essential. With some languages & their libraries these days you can write a TCP socket server in 10 seconds flat, however you'll never write a whole CPPS game server in under an hour!? You don't have to use git, although it's a handy tool for keeping track of your work, it's not a necessity, but extremely helpful. If you don't know how to use git, I would recommend you focus on implementing the base of your server first, rather than faffing around trying to learn git, which can be a fairly large topic in itself. Yes, as I stated above, reading sources already made is a very good idea. I would recommend reading through sources like Kitsune or Houdini to get yourself started. Hope I helped a little, good luck & have fun!
  4. Added. Also added some missing postcard icons. tf? Added these: https://icer.ink/media1.friends.go.com/css/themes/CP/D_F_btnClose.png https://icer.ink/media1.friends.go.com/css/themes/CP/D_F_btnCloseHover.png Added media for "Welcome to Club Penguin" experience for new players!
  5. Quick notice for private server owners. Please DO NOT proxy your media servers through to Icerink like some of you are doing. It is putting heavier load on my box, not to mention you're putting yourself at risk, since if my server is vulnerable, so is yours. Please download Icerink completely and mirror it on your web-server, your performance will improve that way too. Thanks!
  6. Cool. I've added them to the archive! Thanks for your help, providing that list of paper IDs really saved me time. Credit @DJ_MuTeD 's FreePenguin for the _back.swf files. Also re compressed the whole archive and updated download.zip. Not accidental, sure this directory existed, and is referenced to in some of the game configs, however it was empty when I checked it. The puffle files which were there had been moved elsewhere. Rotom-Wash has been added to contributors.
  7. I looked for these when I initially created the archives, however I couldn't find them on Club Penguin's media server (media1 or media2), can anyone actually confirm these WERE on Club Penguin's media when it closed? I know they must have been at some point, since FreePenguin has them up, but those could be outdated.
  8. Hey everyone, It is clear to me, and many of you, that things are a little.... quiet? I'm not necessarily talking about Solero, but our community in general, especially on the development side of things. 2017 was a big year for us to some degree, the closure of the Club Penguin game meant we saw a short uproar in activity and productivity, for some time people were showing a lot of interest in private servers again, and many ex-cp players were looking to make their own servers, I know this because shortly after Club Penguin closed, I was approached by around 50 individuals asking for help, which of course I offered! It was a breath of fresh air to me, going back to how things were just a few short years ago. It has now been two years since the closure of Rile5.com, which I still miss, honestly, the nostalgia I'd get from visiting that site again would truly be insane. I am proud to have been involved in all this, however, it is a very big part of my life, a part I can't imagine I'll ever forget. My love for computer programming and hardware was born from the people in the CPPS community, I can't help but think how different things would have worked out for me had I not registered on the beloved R5 :) Anyway things are slowing down again. What does the future hold for Solero? Solero is STAYING, this box isn't used solely for Solero, so it will stay for as long as my need for this server stays. The icerink archive stays until it gets taken down by ledisney. I will always be around, but I'm no longer actively writing code, helping people out or working for clubpenguin-related projects, mainly because there's no demand for help but also because I've grown out of this. Solero will also get maintained in my free time, so I don't get hacked. If you make a topic here I'll probably read it. What does the future hold for the community? The official death of flash has really marked the end of the road, with HUGE clients such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge thinking of throwing in the towel, things really don't look promising, the chances of flash becoming FOSS are slim, IMO. I don't think private servers will still be around for the 2020 exit of Adobe Flash, however, Club Penguin simply isn't an impressive game by today's standards, kids can get so much more out of other platforms. If you have been a part of this community, thank you for helping make my childhood slightly more interesting . Good luck to you all, I wish you the best.
  9. Thanks guys! I've added these files and updated download.zip. Nope
  10. What are the file names of everything inside this directory?
  11. You're welcome! Yes, it will stay up for as long as I have spare change at the end of the month to pay for our box. There is actually a plethora of files which were used for the various different versions of mobile apps created by Club Penguin, and I voted against putting them on Icerink due to time constraints and lack of real need for them as it is very unlikely anyone is ever going to bother reverse engineering the mobiles apps (they sucked anyway). I can see how the paper image directories may be useful to people and I'll look into uploading them. I also downloaded lots of files off of the media8 subdomain before I decided to give up, maybe I'll put those up soon too.
  12. Very curious, I thought I was quite careful when downloading minigame assets, I checked every SWF file individually for dependencies. I even remember downloading these ones, guess I forgot? I noticed a few extra missing ones from your zip file still on Club Penguin's media server, so I grabbed those too! Thanks for flagging this up, added you to contributors. updated - https://icer.ink/media1.clubpenguin.com/play/v2/games/jetpack/
  13. It seems this library actually lets you carry out other work whilst a request is in progress, perhaps a solution? https://github.com/stil/curl-easy You could even make use of Kitsune's event timing system to get the response from Discord.
  14. You have to make a value inside game_strings.json called w.app.februrary2017.town.jacket and assign the value to whatever you wish to make the text say I think. You may need to copy your modified game_strings into game_configs.bin using WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  15. play, media1, media2 (which just points to media1), media8 and directory are the essential ones. I know directory isn't on icer.ink, but you should make it.