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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, everyone! I am pleased to announce the release of Houdini, a Club Penguin private server written in Python for the AS2 protocol. As with all of my large projects, Houdini will be hosted on GitHub and will be completely open for everyone to use and contribute to. You can find the repository to Houdini here. Aside from the standard Club Penguin stuff, Houdini also has the following features: Hot-reloading; modules are safely reloaded at run-time if a change is detected. Meaning you don't need to restart the server after editing any handler. ORM based database transactions via SQLAlchemy. Bcrypt password hashing. A lot more is planned for Houdini, including multiplayer games (such as Card Jitsu and Find Four), as well as throttling and plugin systems. For the time being, report any bugs you find through the issue-tracker on the repository or to me on Discord. Have a nice day!
  2. Hey everyone, I frequently see people struggling with disableing the domain locking, logging services, and client checks embedded into Club Penguin client files to prevent the files being used outside the http://clubpenguin.com domain. I have written a tool in Python to help aid the process of disabling these functions, whilst maintaining the crossdomain policies within the files which actually act as a security feature. import zlib import logging import argparse from os.path import isfile, isdir, splitext, join, exists, dirname from os import walk, makedirs from glob import glob if __name__ == "__main__": logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO) parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Club Penguin client tool") parser.add_argument("path", type=str, nargs="*", help="Path(s) to files or directories") parser.add_argument("-d", "--domain", type=str, help="The domain to use (ex. clubpenguin.com)") parser.add_argument("-r", "--recursive", action='store_true', help="Enables recursive mode") parser.add_argument("-o", "--output", type=str, help="Output directory") parser.add_argument("-D", "--dump", action='store_true', help="Dump decompressed FWS data") arguments = parser.parse_args() logger.info("This program can overwrite files on the disk, make sure to make backups before" + " running this script or make sure the output flag is enabled!") for path in arguments.path: if isfile(path): logger.info("Found \"%s\"", path) paths = [path] elif isdir(path): if not arguments.recursive: logger.warning("\"%s\" is a directory but recursion is disabled! skipping...", path) continue else: paths = [y for x in walk(path) for y in glob(join(x[0], '*.swf'))] for file in paths: logger.info("Found \"%s\"", file) filename, file_extension = splitext(file) if file_extension != ".swf": logger.warning("\"%s\" is not an SWF file! skipping...", path) continue logger.info("Opening \"%s\"", file) raw = open(file, "rb") signature = raw.read(3) logger.info("Reading file signature for \"%s\"", file) if signature != b"CWS": logger.warning("File has invalid signature, file sig should be 0x43 0x57 0x43(\"CWS\")") continue header = raw.read(5) data = raw.read() logger.info("Read %d bytes from \"%s\"", data.__sizeof__(), file) logger.info("Decompressing") decompressed_data = zlib.decompress(data) original_data = decompressed_data if b'\x00clubpenguin\x00boot\x00BootLoader' in decompressed_data: logger.info("Found a BootLoader, cracking client checks...") s = b'\x00logEvents\x00boot\x00BootL0ader' decompressed_data = decompressed_data.replace(b'\x00logEvents\x00boot\x00BootLoader', s) s = b'clubpenguin.c0m' decompressed_data = decompressed_data.replace(b'clubpenguin.com', s) if b'clubpenguin.com' in decompressed_data: logger.info("Found clubpenguin.com") s = bytes(arguments.domain.encode()) decompressed_data = decompressed_data.replace(b'clubpenguin.com', s) if b'disney.com' in decompressed_data: logger.info("Found disney.com") s = bytes(arguments.domain.encode()) decompressed_data = decompressed_data.replace(b'disney.com', s) if decompressed_data == original_data: logger.warning("No changes were made to the data!") continue logger.info("Re-compressing data and appending file signature and header") compressed = signature + header + zlib.compress(decompressed_data) if arguments.output: file = join(arguments.output, file) if not exists(dirname(file)): makedirs(dirname(file), exist_ok=True) if arguments.dump: dump = open(file + ".fws", "w") dump.write(str(decompressed_data)) dump.close() logger.info("Copied dump to \"%s\"", file + ".fws") logger.info("Writing data to \"%s\"", file) output = open(file, "wb") output.write(compressed) output.close() raw.close() logger.info("Finished. Goodbye!") If you know Python a little then you will probably be able to understand how the script works rather quickly, as it is rather simple. It decompresses the SWF files to expose some of the actionscript constants within the file (no, this script does not make use of SWF disassemblers like RABCasm which makes my script very lightweight and very fast) The script has a few flags, some of which are just useful, and some of which you'll probably want to use every single time you run it. $ py iceburg.py -h usage: iceburg.py [-h] [-d DOMAIN] [-r] [-o OUTPUT] [-D] [path [path ...]] Club Penguin client tool positional arguments: path Path(s) to files or directories optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -d DOMAIN, --domain DOMAIN The domain to use (ex. clubpenguin.com) -r, --recursive Enables recursive mode -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT Output directory -D, --dump Dump decompressed FWS data Domain (required) tells the script which internet domain to replace security locks and logging services with. Recursive mode will make the script search through every directory below the path you specify for SWF files to check. Output changes the output directory, assuming the output directory is empty no files will be overwritten. Dump will make extra files containing the decompressed version of the data, useful for debugging purposes (for example if the script is making changes which break the SWF). Example usage on real Club Penguin media! /play/v2/client /play/v2/games/ Script download attached :~) Prerequisites Python 3 :) client-tool.zip
  3. This Python script will find for any webshell. It uses a wordlist for that. You need: Python 3x Hope you enjoy! Zaseths_ShellKiller.rar