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  1. You can delete the old server, as there's no point in trying to argue with OVH abuse team, and create a new one.
  2. Which one are you currently using? OVH without Cloudflare should be fairly sufficient. Otherwise I'd go for Blazingfast if you have any extra cash.
  3. Same happened to Club Penguin Rewritten, move to a different hosting provider and stop using a service with an incompetent abuse team.
  4. Just wanted to say the same thing, whenever Discord's API would act up or have high latency, Club Penguin Rewritten would freeze up entirely. Use it for minor things.
  5. For your game servers, you can get the reverse proxies, while you can get the CDN for free.
  6. You can check out Penguin Hub for all the required resources.
  7. would also like to mention https://bitmitigate.com/ which offers a free anycast CDN which caches static content, and reverse proxies for a cheap price, both DDoS protected.
  8. If it does not have DDoS protection it can be attacked very easily using $5 booters. If you're owning a CPPS, it's very easy to fetch your IP and port using a packet editor. You should also install software like fail2ban to block SSH bruteforce attempts.
  9. Never played it, so i couldn't care less.
  10. http://tinyurl.com/cppshub - will be updating and maintaining.

    1. Jamie


      I'm turned on

  11. Discord of course.
  12. Did you modify the bootstrap to point to your own domain?
  13. As much as i like Vintage Penguin, i personally would've liked it more if it actually used the 2005-2007 client rather than giving the AS2 client a makeup.
  14. No one uses PHP 3.7 anymore, so your topic is utterly useless.