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  1. Two!
  2. Hey! Welcome to Solero!
  3. Evening! It's lovely to win! ;)
  4. That would be awesome!
  5. It is broken, @Arthur said it was.
  6. Hey! I feel like this would be a good time to mention that I feel like we should introduce a rank similar to trusted. For example: super user. Possible perks? Of course, a super cool rank. Top priority (when it comes to applications?). A userbar (depends if this will be made or not). Getting their own section where they can talk to other people will the exact same rank. Why should we introduce this? Increase the amount of good quality posting, and an excellent alternative to awards as awards aren't a feasible idea since it's broken. People will be encouraged to post more actively, therefore increasing productivity. Increased productivity= more users are more likely to join. Possible criteria? Well, it could be anything really, up to staff. A certain amount of posts within a given time? A certain amount of reputation within a given time? Good community standing? No warning points, sets exemplary behavior? What do you think of this idea? -Adam
  7. I disagree, if we start introducing them now, then user activity may start increasing and that's what we're aiming for, especially if the forum is new because lots of activity= more users are tempted to join.
  8. Chemistry exam went really well! (:

    1. Lake


      What Chemistry exam? Scholarship? AP?

    2. Adam


      GCSE (UK/Ireland qualifications).

  9. Hope you're all having a good day! Been working hard, Chemistry exam tomorrow!

  10. Good afternoon!
  11. Hey, welcome to Solero! Refer to this post if you're new to IPB.
  12. Hi, this should help newcomers on the forum. This will just go over the basics of Solero and how to do basic things on this forum. I'll include the very basics as one spoiler. The very basics. 1. Status updates. 2. How to fill in the 'about me' section and add your Github. 3. Reporting a player. Most of you already know this, however people who are new to IPB may find it much more helpful to refer to this guide. Also, join Solero's Discord: https://discord.gg/DtcJmh6 If there's anything you think I should add, comment below. -Adam