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  1. im not gonna let that 2 month gap of no status updates happen. 



  2. can administrators please delete my localhost tutorial, i've editted so theres nothing in it.  

  3. could this be anymore fun

  4. ay u lot should kno im a certi pussy slayer so obv do the poll and choose right otherwise ur banned and blacklisted from aureus
  5. i agree with that geeza i rate u still fam
  6. ay wagwan gs would u rather fuck jenna frumes or kim kardashian: yur bent if u dont choose init from head leader nico
  7. aureus is down so this is my last choice

    1. Nico


      this is so fucking dead http://prntscr.com/g2b3zv 

    2. Arthur
    3. Jamie


      CPPS forum communities haven't got much/any growth potential - hence the inactivity on here, hence this is stuck below 100 users (at the time of posting this)

  8. Anyone need a developer. HMU

  9. I may be wrong but I think @doodlebob is right. You could just use the !PING command to: It's the exact same except the !BREFRESH command logs the 'Refreshing Bot' message which is pretty unnecessary. Not sure if I misread that function but i'm pretty certain it's not needed :) - Nico
  10. I think I remember you from Rile5, years ago, or maybe i'm just imagining. Anyway, welcome to Solero!
  11. Don't want to stay up late at night because I don't want to be tired all day tomorrow..

    But if I log off Solero and take out my contact lenses, brush my teeth and put the alarm on my phone, it makes my brain stay up for another 3 hours or more. However I could sleep right now in this chair in my contact lenses and risk being blind but yet wake up tomorrow morning NOT tired.



    1. Kevin


      I think I tell that to myself every single night but I keep sleeping pretty late.

    2. Nico
  12. I like Club Penguin Rewritten in my opinion As it's the most popular replace of Club Penguin Does not lack security, development, moderation Security: Development: Moderation: and is developed by smart people like Hagrid and Codey However, I've never played Vintage Penguin or taken the time to see it so I am not the one to be judging it, yet my opinion can be expressed. Since I have never played Vintage Penguin, I am not right but the features of it are correct. I like Club Penguin Rewritten -Nico
  13. thank you i very much appreciate your greeting
  14. HELLO CAMDEN or Josh
  15. It's such a shame that I have school tomorrow.

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    2. Adam


      Good luck for all of your exams, GCSE English for me tomorrow will just be a blag.

    3. Joee


      @AdamWhich exam are you doing? Literature or language? 

    4. Nico


      He's doing language