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  1. Hi there, the Google ads on mobile are not dynamically resized for the screen causing issues with how IPS displays the dashboard and notifications.
  2. I have been working on CJ as well, and had a similar issue with my media server distribution. The issue was solved by modifying bootstrap.swf and the global crumbs, like @Jamie mentioned.
  3. I win
  4. Going to start my new job at Stanford next week! Excited (mainly because I am the only high-schooler that got the job)!

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    2. Joee


      Good luck! That's a great first job, I was stuck in a pub for my first job :/

    3. Gokhan137


      Impressive! I would've gone to Stanford for college in a heartbeat if it weren't too far. :(

    4. AmusingThrone


      @Gokhan137 but MIT is better :)

  5. I like this a lot. I will definitely give it a try. I often struggle with screenshot utilities, and I have tried quite a bit on Mac. Love the fact it is open source. Nice Work!
  6. I thought this was Solero...
  7. Version 0.3


    Hey Everyone! This is a super simple AutoSetup script for Kitsune AS2/AS3. This script sets up the MySQL database, and sets up the configuration file for your server. Additionally, it downloads the specified server type [AS2 or AS3]. All you need to download is this script, and call it from a command line using: php setup.php Development and Further Instructions for this Script may be found at https://github.com/AmusingThrone/kitsune-auto-setup.
  8. Hey everyone. I wasn't around when the original Solero was up, but I heard lots about it. Hopefully I can make some great memories here. I have been with the CPPS-community for only a short while, but I have had the pleasure to be associated with a couple of CPPS (CPWorld and PW). I create cool scripts and tools for free, and often post them on my GitHub. I am mostly here to get some more programming experience and have a great time. The languages I know are: PHP Java Python Ruby And a little Perl If you guys ever need me for anything, feel free to drop a PM. Thanks, AmusingThrone