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  1. I'm looking to find somebody who can help me implement Card Jitsu and possibly even Card Jitsu Fire. I'm willing to pay.
  2. What is the role of each of these client files? I'm not looking for a lengthy answer, but if anyone could briefly explain what at least one of these files does, it would be greatly appreciated. airtower book club_penguin engine gridview igloo load login mail phone sentry shell stampbook startscreen I am most curious about the ones that are in bold.
  3. I'm looking to develop my own CPPS, and to get started I've been looking at both Sweater and Kitsune (AS2). From my understanding, both were developed by Arthur. As such, what's the difference between the two? Would I be better off opting for one over the other? Also, if anyone is willing to help me develop my first CPPS, it would be much appreciated.
  4. I started a CPR YouTube channel three weeks ago, and I have already gained over 1.5K subscribers. Many of my subscribers have been asking that I found my own CPPS, but it has been a while (years) since I attempted to make one. Would anybody here be interested in helping me (particularly with the programming aspects)? We can negotiate compensation.
  5. Graduating tomorrow and heading off to MIT in the fall. Good stuff.