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  1. Woah, that's crazy. It was worth it though, because we don't want any more lost files.
  2. Yes, it's extremely useful as I didn't download all of Club Penguin's files from the different sub domains. How long did it take to download the files? (I always read it as Icer Ink instead of Icerink, haha)
  3. archives.clubpenguinwiki.info Should have quite a lot of content or you can download this...
  4. Club Penguin kept the SWF catalog in their mediaserver for some reason, the newer PNG catalogs are in a different directory. I'm pretty sure you can find the catalog files under media8/mobile/cp-mobile-ui/clubpenguin_v1_6/en_US/deploy/metaplace/devicepng/.
  5. Yeah, I'm down for it. However, it'd be nice if it fit with the various different themes on this forum, so they don't clash. A flat design would probably work nicely.
  6. Last post. There I win.
  7. I myself have always been a big fan of Nintendo, even the Mario franchise. My first Nintendo game was Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 back in the day, so I love the franchise. With E3 going on, the trailer for the newest game has been released... I personally love the look of this new game, it's like nothing we've seen before with Mario. Let's just hope it's better than New Super Mario Bros U (it will be). They really caught me off guard with this, I wasn't expecting it to look so amazing. Nintendo, you have amazed me again, I'm probably going to buy a Switch just to play this.
  8. Three days until my Computer Science A-Level. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it :P

  9. There we go, finally figured out how to create these status updates. I haven't used a forum like this in quite some time :P

    1. Kevin


      I haven't checked solero in months, guess why

  10. I think I remember something like that from Rile5? But I can't quite remember.
  11. Hey Solero! A while back I created a relatively large archive of SWF files for anybody to use. While it's not completely up to date at this point, it might still be of some use to some of you as it contains almost every available party, catalog and room from 2005 - 2013. It's also missing a few of the lost parties and catalogs that surfaced recently. Something is better than nothing, right? Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/6sj7ik0bxyt8hyb/The_Ultimate_Club_Penguin_SWF_Archive.rar It's a rather large file so it might take some time to download depending on your internet speed. I'm possibly going to update this in the future, but I don't exactly know when that will be. I hope you guys can make good use out of this!
  12. That one fidget spinner app on Android... I'm just joking. I love Portal 2.
  13. Hello! Some of you might remember me from RIle5 or the last time Solero was open. I haven't really been active on any CPPS forums lately as I've been rather busy with certain projects. You might know me from LimitlessCP which I worked on with Thorn, my old SWF remakes or Club Penguin Rewritten which I am a designer for. It's great to see that Solero is back, let's hope it will stay active.
  14. I like them both
  15. Great to see it back!