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Found 6 results

  1. How do I mod myself on kitsune? I made a cpps and I am not a mod. Please help! Here is the video I watched on how to make a cpps:
  2. Hey, I'm not sure how to add a custom stamp into as3, could anyone help me solve this? thanks
  3. for example: edit the text Login, delete Create a Penguin, change the "Sound Studio" Image,
  4. Hello all, So recently I forgot to patch this up, thought I'd share it with you guys who have AS3 servers and are using Kitsune as a source. Basically the situation is you're able to buy as many puffle wild creatures as you like - you can go into negative balance but spam buy them still. Such a simple solution and I should of done it ages ago but forgot to, thought I'd share for any noobs Here's how to fix it: Go to Kitsune\ClubPenguin\Handlers\Play\Pet.php Find the function And replace it with the following Save the file and restart your World server and it should be fixed. You're welcome
  5. Hello all, This is just a fun small project I've been working on to see how to get Discord webhooks working, nothing too serious and I kind of don't recommend using it on heavily populated servers. What does it do? It sends live notifications to your Discord when someone signs in - you can build off this and create bigger and better things. What do you need? - PHP 7 - CURL - Kitsune AS2/AS3 Preview How to add First you need to create a webhook on your Discord server. Go to your server settings, and then webhooks. Click on "Create Webhook" and enter a name for your bot and also select the channel you want it in, you can also add an avatar for it (webhook icon). Copy the webhook url and save it somewhere. Now we need to go to your source and go to /Kitsune/Kitsune/ClubPenguin/Login.php Find After it add the following Where REPLACE WITH YOUR DISCORD WEB HOOK LINK is, add the webhook link. Now find After it add the following You can now save this file and launch your server. It should work great and you should then see your bot put live notifications for when someone logins. Have some fun with it, you can do all types of things with this - let it be a starter to create bigger and better things with it. Thanks to @Jad for helping me fix a few errors with it, life saver.
  6. Version 0.3


    Hey Everyone! This is a super simple AutoSetup script for Kitsune AS2/AS3. This script sets up the MySQL database, and sets up the configuration file for your server. Additionally, it downloads the specified server type [AS2 or AS3]. All you need to download is this script, and call it from a command line using: php setup.php Development and Further Instructions for this Script may be found at https://github.com/AmusingThrone/kitsune-auto-setup.