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  1. Its very unsafe, but anyways: 1- Open your loader.as from your hypecp folder. 2- Change all "localhost" to "Your.Hamachi.IP" 3- Well done, start your cpps shell and go to Your.Hamachi.IP/play/load.swf PS: If you are using a source that requires files connection, you will need to edit the files too.
  2. Thanks, it worked
  3. Downloaded your Sweater. I can't login to the game. Here's the photo of my console and client.
  4. Im trying to view a topic but i just get error EX0

    1. Arthur


      What theme do you use when you get this error?

    2. Master


      Default from solero

  5. Thats your opinion
  6. Nope
  7. I downloaded Openglows, its everything working, the commands and the glows. But when i relog the Nameglow automatically disappears. I did use the nameglow command and see on the database. if the SQL queries was adding correctly. Nothing happens in the database when i use the command. Source: Sweater (Arthur) Actionscript: AS2 Thanks.
  8. Yes
  9. Unagreed :P
  10. He is here in the forum.
  11. Ask Ben to update it on icer.ink
  12. Yes! :)
  13. I installed awards in a IPS CS in my forum one day , it worked fine. But ok , good idea anyways xenForo is a good option
  14. No it isnt broken. It would grow user activity and your idea is totally different from mine. Awards = Prizes for doing something Super User = A new group
  15. I can design them