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  1. What you need: Notepad++ , just that 1- Edit your Commands.php Go to YourUsername/var/www/html/Sweater/Sweater/Plugins if VPS Go to C:/xampp/htdocs/Sweater/Sweater/Plugins if Localhosted Find Commands.php and right click on it , select Edit with Notepad++ Now find this line: 'PING' => 'handlePing', After that put: 'BREFRESH' => 'handleRefresh', Now in the function section , after this lines: private function handlePing(Array $arrArguments, Sweater\Client $objClient){ $this->objBot->sendMessage('Pong', $objClient); } Put: private function handleRefresh(Array $arrArguments, Sweater\Client $objClient){ Silk\Logger::Log('Refreshing Bot'); $this->objBot->sendMessage('Bot Refresh.', $objClient); } Save the file and restart your shell. Enjoy the command! This command is to do changes on the bot while running the shell without needing to restart the whole server or rejoin the room.
  2. Its very unsafe, but anyways: 1- Open your loader.as from your hypecp folder. 2- Change all "localhost" to "Your.Hamachi.IP" 3- Well done, start your cpps shell and go to Your.Hamachi.IP/play/load.swf PS: If you are using a source that requires files connection, you will need to edit the files too.
  3. I downloaded Openglows, its everything working, the commands and the glows. But when i relog the Nameglow automatically disappears. I did use the nameglow command and see on the database. if the SQL queries was adding correctly. Nothing happens in the database when i use the command. Source: Sweater (Arthur) Actionscript: AS2 Thanks.
  4. Thanks, it worked
  5. Downloaded your Sweater. I can't login to the game. Here's the photo of my console and client.
  6. Im trying to view a topic but i just get error EX0

    1. Arthur


      What theme do you use when you get this error?

    2. Master


      Default from solero

  7. Thats your opinion
  8. Nope
  9. Yes
  10. Unagreed :P
  11. He is here in the forum.
  12. Ask Ben to update it on icer.ink
  13. Yes! :)
  14. I installed awards in a IPS CS in my forum one day , it worked fine. But ok , good idea anyways xenForo is a good option
  15. No it isnt broken. It would grow user activity and your idea is totally different from mine. Awards = Prizes for doing something Super User = A new group
  16. I can design them
  17. Here we go: https://icer.ink/media1.clubpenguin.com/play/v2/content/local/en/catalogues/
  18. We could get awards like: 100 posts medal = get by getting 100 posts on forum 100 reputation medal = get by getting 100 positive reputation Contribution medal = get by being active and doing good posts
  19. No 2
  20. Good idea, it would look nice
  21. No
  22. I gonna buy a switch just to play this, it will be cool.
  23. New Moderator Pin 2014 (ShawnTD and Logan) - http://www.mediafire.com/file/i5ggve3bl1qs5lo/New+Moderator+Pin+(2014).zip VirusTotal from File - https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/939dc2c9ecefe75d39055fe50169ec25009166b174bc8595d2fdda0f3fecd093/analysis/ __________________________________________ OldCP Mediaserver Over 150MB of old files (Tank) - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/7cv4i56h7j5cwz7/OldCP Media.zip?dl=1&token_hash=AAGGn8D354VxjqDJqX2iZFO52VTNV6SF7BQ2vNh8uKRf_Q VirusTotal from File - Too large to scan. __________________________________________ Updated Newspaper 20/2/14 (iSubhi2012) - http://www.mediafire.com/file/9q86ubvzesbuyf0/Club+Penguin+Times+Issue%23435.rar#435.rar VirusTotal from File - https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/fbf0e8b1e714b15bbad245b0d6f904ebfd14fefacc7b0f2abc9f8ba58dbd54a5/analysis/1392983021/ __________________________________________ Thats all i got from Wayback Machine. If i find something, ill comment here.