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  1. FLogin - Secured Captcha Based Login System In this tutorial I'll provide you information to set up my Secured Captcha-RSA protected Login-System. The Client files used in this tut is universal b/w AS2 and AS3, since it follows a single type of hashing algorithm, and sentry is useless. I'll highlight on using this with Kitsune [AS3], this can easily be ported to other CPPS (request the developer to post one), next update of Times C# will automatically integrate this System SCREENSHOTS With Google reCaptcha Without Google reCaptcha PREREQUISITES : A : login.swf : (i) [WITHOUT GOOGLE RECAPTCHA] https://i.succ.in/ONYTd4gr.rar (ii) [GOOGLE RECAPTCHA] https://i.succ.in/O7fZS0Ge.rar B : A CPPS server emulator - Kitsune, Nitro, or Times (sorted in ascending order) C : A database system. D : Crypto.rar : https://i.succ.in/ONxgo2cY.rar E : Login.php : https://i.succ.in/ONQNEVrn.rar F : Play.rar : (i) [WITHOUT GOOGLE RECAPTCHA] https://i.succ.in/ONX2SRYG.rar (ii) [GOOGLE RECAPTCHA] https://i.succ.in/O7iGcWgq.rar G : RSA_keys.rar : https://i.succ.in/ONvjcuTa.rar INSTRUCTIONS : 1. General Instructions INSTRUCTIONS FOR [GOOGLE RECAPTCHA] INSTRUCTIONS FOR [WITHOUT GOOGLE RECAPTCHA] 2. KITSUNE INSTRUCTIONS : DETAILS ABOUT THIS SYSTEM: # NOTES: If you use reCaptcha Version You must edit SITE_KEY and SECRET_KEY in login.swf (com.clubpenguin.login.Login.as) and login.php (play/login.php) resp. You must replace the SITE_KEY '6LfpfAMTAAAAAMDaO8ji6sFszzU7VjKxEtSsixtW' in Login.as and "secret" => '...' in login.php I recommend you to follow Google's reCaptcha docs https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/intro to get your site key and secret key If you use without recaptcha version If you want to port this into a VPS you must edit urls in Login.swf, database information in Captcha.php, Login.php, Securimage.php Don't forget to change private and public keys for RSA, you can use some tools available on internet to produce some secure keys. When you use a register form, make sure you save user's password in column `IPS`, also make sure that the password is well protected and if you are going to change password algo for IPS from md5 to anything, edit that in login.php to