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  1. We are using OVH, so I guess we'll switch off of CloudFlare. But I just recently received an Abuse Report from OVH Services just recently https://pastebin.com/CKES1G5s .
  2. Do you have any hosting providers to recommend?
  3. So recently, I received a fake DMCA from someone on my website that's hosted with CloudFlare. Here's the full letter: https://pastebin.com/d3nXpMvX Is there anything I can do to get around this, or are there any other free host providers you guys would maybe recommend?
  4. So I'm trying to fix spectating Find Four Games with the Source KitSune AS2, but the board always seems to show wrong http://prntscr.com/foghyi . Am I supposed to show the board in some specific way for Spectators? Or is it the client? I'm really confused on this.
  5. You need to install the ruby gem, htmlentities. To do so, type, gem install htmlentities
  6. After trying so many things, I finally managed to get RBSE running on Windows xD. Yay!!!! :p

    1. Nico



    2. Jamie


      Good job m8

  7. Yes
  8. No
  9. No
  10. Well that doesn't make any sense. lol
  11. Agreed :P
  12. Yes 2
  13. Yes
  14. xD I know I won't win lol