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  1. Glad to have you back Camden!
  2. Hi
  3. Hey

    Hello! Welcome to solero!
  4. I love it! Gives quick updates about the cpps around!
  5. Who do you got Club Penguin Rewritten or Vintage Penguin?
  6. Welcome George!
  7. I left out the right side, as you can see it shows my ip, lol.
  8. You've made this?
  9. Welcome back then Seether!
  10. Hello! Are you having a hard time finding all the items "hidden" under the Sub party on Vintage Penguin. Well if that is the case this is the post for you! First off we have the sea belt, located at the book room, the coffee shop's second floor if you didn't know: Then we have the life vest located at the beach: Thirdly we have the yellow snorkel located in the forest: As the last item we have the miners helmet, which already exsist in the mine, but it is now during the party also at the iceberg: Last but not least we have the anchor pin, located at the cove, right besides me in the middle quite far down: Thanks for me! Hope this guide/tutorial help you!
  11. Hello Zermias! Glad to see you around
  12. Vintage Penguin, recreating old CP done proffessional.
  13. It reminds me of Lisa Simpson, but something feels off?
  14. Hello Thorn/Josh/Xar/do you have any other names?