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  1. why are you asking for help then?
  2. My favorite application built on Electron has to be my screenshot utility, Katana (because I made it, and I use it every day). I also use Discord and Kap quite frequently. GitKraken and Hyper are cool too.
  3. I agree 100%, I've messed around with Vue quite extensively and it's a fantastic framework.
  4. Just recently discovered this song & I'm obsessed with it. (video may be restricted in certain countries)
  5. yes... why else would I post it here?
  6. The obligatory share your desktop thread. Try to keep images in spoiler tags to keep the thread tidy. To start off, here is mine: Pretty bland, I know. I don't like clutter so I try to keep my desktop free from any junk.
  7. Katana a free, open-source screenshot utility Katana is a free, open-source, user friendly screenshot utility for macOS (Windows support soon™). Katana is built using the latest web technologies (such as HTML5, Node.js and Electron) - resulting in a fast, stable and smooth application experience. Upload a screenshot directly to various image hosts with an assignable hotkey, or just simply drag and drop your image file onto the menubar. Your image will be uploaded in seconds and copied directly to your clipboard. Other features include URL shortening via hotkey (goo.gl/is.gd), automatic updates, start at login, and more. For more information & downloads, please visit https://getkatana.com/. We also have a GitHub repository, located here - contributions welcome. Feel free to ask any questions, request features, or offer constructive criticism.
  8. hi it's me. most of you probably already know me from around the CPPS community. i was a past member of solero and it's great to see it's finally back.