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Secured Private Chat System (Server) [General]

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Let me just go directly ahead towards the topic. So here's it.


  1. MySQL Server
  2. Apache / Nginx or any hostable server
  3. OpenFire
  4. ConverseJS or any XMPP-Chat Server


Making sure you meet all the prerequisite you may go ahead. 

  • First open MySQL and Apache (or server)
  • Second install openfire.
  • Third go to openfire web page.
    If you are running on localhost : http://localhost:9090/
    If you are running on any other VPS, then http://YourVPSIP:9090/
  • Now, install OpenFire. The installation if very user friendly if you have any difficulty in it comment below.
  • Now, go to OpenFire url (http://localhost-or-vps-ip:9090/)
  • Login to OF with username admin and password you entered during above installation
  • You would be welcomed with something like this



If so you are good to go :1_grinning: Now it's time to set up the chat community. Head up to Users/Groups Tab You would be presented with something like this. Click on Groups





Now on the left hand side, below that group button you've pressed before, click on Create New Group Now here's where you actually set permissions and privillages for your chat clients.

For now we are only creating 1 group - Members. It's common to name it <Your CPPS Name>Members. Give it a Group Name, some description  and click Create Group

Let Contact List Sharing  be Disabled Don't care about those member's well deal with it to auto add those later. Now go to Plugins, Found on the tab list below openfire logo Make sure you have these plugins,
You can find them on Available Plugins button to the left of listed plugins.If you have any trouble installing it comment below.

Now let's move on to Chatable Rooms Now Go to Group Chat tab on the tab pane below openfire logo Click Create New Room

Give the room a notable ID, NAME, Description, Topic, and it's upto to you for room options on the right side.
Anyway, here are the recommended settings, except for those name, id, desc etc. Then Click on Save Changes
1a6d99dad9c240bc8d27641440b8d9ec.png Once again go to Users/Groups tab, present below tab bar under openfire logo Click on Registration Properties button on the left side Make sure you have these 3 options checked

Enable welcome message.
Enable automatically adding of new users to a group.
Enable users to register via a web page at http://localhost:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp

Click Save settings

Scroll down until you reach Default Group

Now there's where you actually give your users the permission. 

Set that group to what you've created above, ie, <Your CPPS Name>Members.or anything according to what you've set

Click Save Group

Ok you are now done on the server part.

Let's register one test account. Got to http://localhost:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp or http://YourVPSIP:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp

Now you have to setup ConverseJS or any other XMPP Client

Once you download ConverseJS extract it into htdocs/chat. Now open http://localhost-or-vps-ip/chat/test/

You can login with username [email protected] eg, [email protected] and password you set. Anyway you need to change the ip address in the index.php file in htdocs/chat. 

If you want to integrate that into CPPS do the following

Transfer or embed this ConverseJS into your play page

During penguin registration, make sure to send a get request to http://localhost:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp or http://YourVPSIP:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp

There will be a topic on integrating this into CPPS on a new Topic.


Thanks. Any doubt comment!

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