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What's the difference between Sweater and Kitsune?

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I'm looking to develop my own CPPS, and to get started I've been looking at both Sweater and Kitsune (AS2). From my understanding, both were developed by Arthur. As such, what's the difference between the two? Would I be better off opting for one over the other?

Also, if anyone is willing to help me develop my first CPPS, it would be much appreciated.

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The biggest difference for the players will be that Kitsune has multiplayer game handlers for find four and sled racing, whereas Sweater doesn't have any. Kitsune also has stampbook handlers, and possibly some others I'm forgetting. The only thing that Sweater really has over Kitsune feature-wise is that it has some puffle functionality, although that's easy to implement yourself.

There's also a big difference between the two as far as structure is concerned. Handlers in Kitsune are split up into multiple files to make the code easier to navigate and maintain, whereas Sweater's handlers are all placed into a single file.

One major downside to AS2 Kitsune that I've discovered is that it stores data in a format that is inconsistent with the AS2 protocol, this is most noticeable when dealing with igloo data. This is due to the fact that Kitsune was originally designed for the AS3 protocol.

A quick run down:


  • Multiplayer games (Find Four and Sled Racing)
  • Better code structure
  • Data stored in the database is inconsistent with what you're actually sending (may not be a big deal for you)
  • Creates a new database connection for every client


  • Puffle handlers
  • All the handlers are stored in a single file
  • A bot plugin
  • Single database connection for everyone


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