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Avatar is an api wrapper written in Perl using the Common Gateway Interface and GD module to put together avatars. This api requires that you have CGI setup with Perl on your web-server, by default Apache should serve the files so you don't have to go through any struggle, Nginx users however would need to have CGI with Perl setup which is a daunting task. This project requires that you have a Perl version of 5.10 and above and you would have to install the modules from this list using CPAN or MCPAN to get the api to work and also make sure to have an active Internet connection. The files should be stored in htdocs for Windows users and var/www/html for Linux users.





Project URL: https://github.com/fantasyhacking/Avatar

Download: https://github.com/fantasyhacking/Avatar/archive/master.zip


This project can be used for your CPPSes for things such as Managers, Profiles etc. Kindly also read the LICENSE before you use this project. Hope y'all find some use with this, good luck!


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