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  1. That's why I said more likely.
  2. Telling people they have better chances of becoming a moderator if they are over a certain age is a really dumb thing to do, they're more likely to lie now.
  3. Looks interesting, I've only quickly looked at the code but what's the point of captcha on login? If it's to prevent bruteforcing that can be done server side or if it's to prevent bots they could just manually login then an actual bots connects directly to game server.
  4. Hey, I'm Thorn/Josh(known long ago as Xar), I haven't been around or involved in CPPS's much at all for almost a year since the closure of the CPPS I owned with Joee called LimitlessCP but recently got interested again. It's nice that Solero has returned at the same time as my interest and hopefully I can use some of that interest to help contribute on the forum