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  1. This is Music Jam 2016, with working quests. It's for AS3. All you have to do is put the files in the correct locations in your mediaserver. If there are any missing rooms you can download them from here, we had to modify a few files in order to get the Music Jam functional on CP Reborn. Hopefully it helps a few. Preview: Download Here
  2. This should be considered as spam
  3. who do i need to talk 2 to release intel on aureus staff quick before they 0day my penis into orbit

  4. You're probably going to laugh but why not MyBB instead of IPBoard, I feel it's the better forum software regardless of one being free and the other paid
  5. give me ownership of this site or else

  6. You're more fucking cancerous than me tbh
  7. In all seriousness though, just ignore the DMCA complaint if able - contact your host in advance to state that CloudFlare is about to forward their legal department a fake DMCA complaint from people attempting to impersonate Disney employees, your work falls under fair-use etc.. If your host doesn't give a shit and starts bitching, just use another or use a reverse proxy for your shit ( can get some rlly gd ones for like a few dollars a month). It's mainly to do with whether your host gives a fuck or not, CloudFlare just forward to your host no matter if a DMCA is fake or not, and it's up to your host to act on it or not.
  8. I wish Kevin was still an owner here - SAD!
  9. Wow, thanks for sharing with us your fantastic favourite electron program! Was such a pleasure to read this brilliant post and read the amazing replies that came with it! I'm well and truly impressed and shocked! My favourite has got to be the newest version of windows! Wow! Just amazing!
  10. No
  11. Wow you're so cool! I wish I had that many subscribers and were that popular! If you pay me in gold on OSRS then yes I will do this forever and ever!1!1!1!
  12. The only pussy you slay is your mum's
  13. No way around it, RIP to your website Cynthia has got you right up the shitter and is about to penetrate your CPPS! Sorry to hear!
  14. Wow you're clever!1!1!1!
  15. Well, it'd sure look nice and clean but I feel that there should be more customizable options for users overall - whether that be username colour or/and title.
  16. Nice clean and easy to follow tutorial, thanks!
  17. I saw you post this on Aureus, fairly nice contribution. Glad you posted it here, although I sadly doubt anyone will use it as much as it is informative and useful.
  18. Damn I actually like this, hmu with more tunes
  19. Stormzy is so much better! tell my man shutup!
  20. Decent but not that good imo
  21. Terrible
  22. Not good