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  2. Hi, Solero. I'm Andrey. I like coding, CPPS and trains.
  3. lol
  4. Hi. I'm already read about sockets and I have some idea about what I do. I'm happy to have knowledge in that. I like that part. I like to explore client source codes and logs. I like that too Yup, I'm beginner in that. I code for a year and I have tons of languages sticked with me. I love C/C++/C#/Go/PHP/JavaScript (both client and server)/Perl/Python. I'll choose that I know best from that list. I don't want to write full CPPS game server for under an hour. I'm interested in how long it takes to write basic login + world server for pro in CPPSes to be able to walk or talk. I didn't write even login server in an hour. My ApiCheck implementation didn't work. I got no response from client. But I'll rewrite that. Possibly I replied wrong. Also, sorry if I wrote something wrong. English isn't my native language. Thank you for your reply! You helped me a lot.
  5. Hey, guys. I want to write my own CPPS. But I want to know some things first: 1. Does it worth it to learn sockets? 2. Can I write simple server for hour if I good in programming? 3. I need to use git, right? 4. Does it worth to read other sources? Or docs of CP protocol I found will be enough? Thank you for reading this. Please answer, if you can help =)