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Found 6 results

  1. Pengable 3 - The New CPPS. Pengable Is A Fun and Friendly CPPS Made By Fans, Loved By Fans. Pengable Is Also Looking For SWF Designers! Discord - https://discord.gg/v8mTBnr
  2. Penguin Hangout - The New CPPS! Hello! I am Chandler010, owner of Penguin Hangout. I invite YOU to a new CPPS releasing very soon! Penguin Hangout is unlike any other CPPS. Penguin Hangout is a mixture of ALL Club Penguins eras! With active and nice staff, friendly environment, and multiple parties, we guarantee you fun on our island! Join other Penguins as you Waddle and explore the island. We can't wait for you to join us on the island THIS FEBRUARY! Discord - https://discord.gg/Kn2XZ8m Waddle On!
  3. Hello! Im Dinner the owner of the cpps Wild Penguin! Wild Penguin is coming soon! Join our discord for updates and mascot sightings! https://discord.gg/YepfQ8K
  4. Hey everyone, It is clear to me, and many of you, that things are a little.... quiet? I'm not necessarily talking about Solero, but our community in general, especially on the development side of things. 2017 was a big year for us to some degree, the closure of the Club Penguin game meant we saw a short uproar in activity and productivity, for some time people were showing a lot of interest in private servers again, and many ex-cp players were looking to make their own servers, I know this because shortly after Club Penguin closed, I was approached by around 50 individuals asking for help, which of course I offered! It was a breath of fresh air to me, going back to how things were just a few short years ago. It has now been two years since the closure of Rile5.com, which I still miss, honestly, the nostalgia I'd get from visiting that site again would truly be insane. I am proud to have been involved in all this, however, it is a very big part of my life, a part I can't imagine I'll ever forget. My love for computer programming and hardware was born from the people in the CPPS community, I can't help but think how different things would have worked out for me had I not registered on the beloved R5 :) Anyway things are slowing down again. What does the future hold for Solero? Solero is STAYING, this box isn't used solely for Solero, so it will stay for as long as my need for this server stays. The icerink archive stays until it gets taken down by ledisney. I will always be around, but I'm no longer actively writing code, helping people out or working for clubpenguin-related projects, mainly because there's no demand for help but also because I've grown out of this. Solero will also get maintained in my free time, so I don't get hacked. If you make a topic here I'll probably read it. What does the future hold for the community? The official death of flash has really marked the end of the road, with HUGE clients such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge thinking of throwing in the towel, things really don't look promising, the chances of flash becoming FOSS are slim, IMO. I don't think private servers will still be around for the 2020 exit of Adobe Flash, however, Club Penguin simply isn't an impressive game by today's standards, kids can get so much more out of other platforms. If you have been a part of this community, thank you for helping make my childhood slightly more interesting . Good luck to you all, I wish you the best.
  5. CPbb is a simple lightweight Club Penguin theme for use on MyBB software, it'll help you to get a modern CP forum up and running. The theme itself is obviously based on the more modern Club Penguin website, I use it on Club Penguin Reborn forums (forums.cpreborn.com). Version: 1.0 Requirements: Latest version of MyBB (download at mybb.com) How to install: -Download the rar file attachment below and extract it -Once you have MyBB succesfully installed go to "Admin CP" - Click on Template & Styles - Import a Theme - Under "Local File" choose the file you extracted it should be called clubpenguin-theme.xml - Import Theme - Click on "Themes" - Nex tto clubpenugin click on "Options" - Set as Default and then click Force on Users DONE! SUCCESFULLY installed. The css, js and images are hosted on my website, if you'd like them I'd recommend you to scrape them from my website - download the css individually and modify some links to images within them to match your needs and then upload the modified css to your website and go to templates under templates & styles and then click on "clubpenguin Templates" and under header templates if you click on header you'll be able to change the url of the css. There is no dedicated support for this theme but you can leave issues and suggestions below. Please do not re-upload this theme elsewhere, use the same download link as when I push updates the link will be the same and I don't want people using outdated versions in the near future. Download here
  6. Official thread for Icer.ink - Club Penguin Media Archive Hello everyone, I have recently taken it upon myself to produce a clone of Club Penguin's client media. I built this by parsing JSON and XML configuration files, but also by making use of other techniques such as basic web scraping and by auditing a lot of the action script code inside the client files. The end result is around 4GB of game media (uncompressed). The root directories are named after their respective web domain. Browse the directories Download media (4.4GB)