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    What i just want make my cpps
  1. Version 1.0.0

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    Quackles pls download this, it's friendly advice
  2. that can mean only one, missing files... try find to xampp>htdocs>play>v2>content>penguin
  3. what did you mean it's not working, you can't walk? it's meaning use another browser, it could be browser.... two.. is here some missing files? let me know..
  4. Hey Wiliam ! Welcome to solero.me, you can make here cpps or fix problems with cpps!
  5. SUP

  6. ikr
  7. It's not worked :(
  8. I will try thanks...
  9. Well, i'm finded @JamieMusic jam party 2016, well i'm added files on my cpps I changed en folder, but i forgot change rooms so i got this Well that party added more items... Well i'm want keep that waddle on party, but i want remove that text like: "W.app.february.town.jacket" i want make a normal text :/ can samoane help? pls
  10. So if you know help
  11. also i know what i'm doing
  12. I'm just gonna play with my sister lmfao
  13. very bad, but i have some vipenguin files
  14. How to public my cpps [AS3] With Hamachi?
  15. With what program i should edit game_configs.bin?