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  4. I was reading some old CP blog, then I saw something about membership benefits during the MU party. One of them is penguins can turn big when wearing MU costumes. I continued to look, then I saw people in MU costumes. Some outfits made them look big. I want to make some alts on Oasis based on the movie characters, and I want to use the !size to make some characters big. (when Oasis starts adding this feature, currently you can turn small) If you were in CP during June 2013, member or not, I would like some info on which outfits can make you big. Can make you big: - Sulley - Johnny - George Cannot make you big: - Mike - Squishy - Squishy's Mom - Chet - Percy Unknown: - Randy - Hardscrabble - Brock - Claire - Don - Terry and Terri - PNK - CDA Thank you.
  5. Name in Penguin Oasis: Mix n Mingle https://penguinoasis.com/
  6. Are there any tutorials on setting up an AS3 CPPS on a server where you can have a custom domain, aka making it operate not on localhost. I have found tutorials on setting up an AS2 server, and have done and have found tutorials on setting an AS3 server on localhost, and have done but don't know the process and decompilation of setting up an AS3 server on a CPPS. I know the process is a lot more difficult but I have become bored with the AS2 server. Thank You
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